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Member Spotlight

Rohit Kandakatla
Purdue University

I’m from Hyderabad, India, and have a bachelors and masters in electrical engineering from there. While in school I got involved with an organization called SPEED – Student Platform for Engineering Education Development where we worked with students to develop student led initiatives that will address the engineering education challenges they’re facing. By being involved with SPEED, and attending few conferences focussed on engineering education, I got introduced and interested to engineering education as a field of research.

In 2015 I published a paper with ASEE at the Annual Conference and was able to attend that event in Seattle. It was there that I really got a sense of how big a field engineering education is and what kind of opportunities I could have in it. Following that, I came to Purdue to work on my Ph.D. and I’m currently working with Dr. Jennifer DeBoer’s there. My Ph.D. work is on how engineering faculty in India integrate technology into courses to help their students.

One thing I love about the ASEE community is that, from a research standpoint, we’re in a relatively new field and engineering education is still defining its place. I love coming to events and conferences because you have this intersection of people and ideas and you get exposure to a great deal of things. I knew early on that I wanted to get involved to help the society somehow, so I became active in the student division – first I became program chair and now I’m division chair. I also want to give a mention to the individuals engaged with Diversity division at ASEE. I have attended their workshops and have been involved with that community since last year – their work makes the conference a much more inclusive space and opens up new ideas of how we can look at the world beyond our comfort zone.

When I’m done with my Ph.D. I plan to go back to India. I am in talks with few institutions where I can continue my research. The engineering education challenges in India are very unique and I believe there is a lot of scope for engineering education research which could greatly contribute to the system. Long-term, my goal is to get into education policy and work with the government.



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